Design/Details is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s a space in which you’ll place your designs and their details to showcase to other stakeholders, whether that be a role within your organization or your suppliers that are to manufacture your product into a physical item which you’ll go on to sell.

In this instance, the selection of content will show a jacket, but for those not in the apparel industry, your product needn’t be a piece of apparel. Whatever your product is, Bombyx can provide a platform for you, your business and your supply chain to collaborate on.


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At the top of the page is a space for general comments you wish to share with your collaborators, whether that be your internal team or supply chain. All you have to do to make it visible outside of your organisation is to turn the toggle on (green), and your suppliers will also be able to see those comments.


Under the design details module, all you have to do is select the plus icon and drag your imagery into the popup, or alternatively, tap the upload area, and then select the files you wish to upload.

Once selected, tap ‘Add’, and you will have added your designs.

There’s no need to upload imagery that is pre-annotated, as Bombyx provides this as a feature in which you can apply annotations on to the platform.

It’s your choice if you’d like to add them prior to uploading the image, or choosing to annotate on Bombyx, but annotating on the system enables you to replace the image, should your design change through the duration of its development, and keep the annotations in place and edit should you need to.

How to annotate your designs is coming up, however, you can navigate to this tutorial by selecting it from the content menu above.


Tap the annotate icon and from there, you’ll be offered an array of tools to draw up how you’d like to communicate your information. From lines, arrows, and text boxes, to shapes, colours, and other formatting options.

The tools will appear in the centre of the toolbar, and on the right-hand side are the formatting options for the selected tool.


Adding a title is as simple as entering the title in the text box above the image and tapping save.


Duplicate is an action that will duplicate your image. If you annotate your image, this action will duplicate the annotations along with the image.

Duplicating an image is really useful when you have a lot of annotations and would like to not overcrowd an image with too much information. Your suppliers will also appreciate this

Tip: You could display information on one set of annotations as to what you’d like to explain in detail, and apply some specifications on the other, keeping them separate, and making it easier for your collaborators to absorb the information.


During the lifecycle of your product there are likely to be design/engineering changes that you need to apply to your design. For this, we’ve applied an update/replace function in order to keep your annotations in place, and allow you to update your image without having to re-enter all your communication. To do this, tap the replace icon, and upload your new image, similar to as if you were uploading an image from scratch.


For rearranging the order of your uploads, tap and hold the re-arrange icon, and drag it to the order you’d like it to be displayed in.

mark as complete

Marking it as complete is a simple action of checking the ‘Mark as Complete’ checkbox. Doing this updates your product progress to give you and your team a clear understanding of where your product is at in its lifecycle, and to know where it is not complete and needs further action.

delete uploads

Similar to the other ways of applying an action to your designs, at the tap of the delete icon, you’ll be able to remove an upload you no longer wish to use.

toggle switches

Toggles are the tablets which serve a function that allows you to hide work from a supplier or external stakeholder whilst you get to work on completing it. If you turn the toggle on by tapping it, you’ll be able to showcase the upload on the Bombyx platform as well as in the PDF file which you’re able to submit to collaborators.

3d design integration

If you’re a company that has moved away from 2D visualization and are working in 3D, Bombyx is able to connect to your 3D provider through API and can help you to provide a seamless integration between the two platforms.

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"It's very exciting to see something that matches our expectations of how things should be, and a pleasure to deal with people who “speak our language”.

This is why we ultimately felt comfortable and chose to sign on with Bombyx PLM.”

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"Out of all the PLM systems we've seen, Bombyx PLM is by far the most attractive in aesthetic, and definitely the easiest to use and navigate."

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"Bombyx PLM is incredibly easy to use, it gives us a clear overview of our developments and takes out a lot of the administrative work out of our workload. It is also really great value for money!"

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"Bombyx have under promised and over delivered in their commitment to successfully implement their PLM into our business. They go above and beyond to support you, understand your challenges, present solutions, and work with you to overcome your bottle necks. It’s been a true partnership from day one"

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