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BOM - Materials Main View - Products


Next to the search bar in the bill of materials, there is a dropdown with 3 options, library, groups, and product.

BOM - Materials with Drop Down 1 - Products

Import is the first, and the default selection. To import from the library all you have to do is to start typing the component code/description in the search bar, and Bombyx will start to filter through the components within the library for you. Once you see the component you want to import, all you have to do is tap that item.

BOM - Materials with Drop Down 2 - Products

Most items in the libraries groups and templates have not only a library, but also a group that allows users to group components that are commonly used together, so that when it gets to the product stage you can import all of those items together at once as opposed to individually.


If you select ‘group’ from the drop down, and start searching, Bombyx will then filter through your group names/descriptions. It’s exactly the same as what you did with the library selection, but it stops you having to add them all in one after the other, and saves you a chunk of time.


BOM - Importing Materials (Search Group) - Products

Similar to groups, selecting a product from the dropdown will drop in multiple components from another product. Maybe it’s a very similar product and you want to add in the same components and then edit or delete anything you don’t need, and add the final pieces that the previous product maybe doesn’t have. Once you’ve selected Product from the dropdown, another dropdown will appear in which you can then search for a product number/description, and as you type Bombyx will start to filter out the results based on your search.


Once you’ve found the product components you want to bring into that specific tab, tap the selection and all the items from that product will appear. Note that you can’t bring in items from one BOM type to another. For example, if the product has a BOM type called ‘External’, and you want those items in your ‘Materials’ tab, this product will not come up in the search filter, because the search function will only look through the library for the tab you’re wanting to bring a component into.


BOM - Importing Materials (Search Product) - Products


quality information

Tap the + icon and a popup will appear, in the popup you’ll be able to enter the following information:

  • Type
  • Code
  • Description
  • Supplier
  • Placement
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Quantity
  • Composition
  • Additional Information.
BOM - Materials Main View - Products 2

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