Bombyx PLM is a award winning sleek and understated product lifecycle management software system for any industry that is creating a physical product.


With easy to use features and a simple aesthetic, Bombyx aids startups, SME's, and larger scale businesses with their products development from concept, through to production, and covering all areas in between.


Bombyx PLM’s core Basyx product is ideal for startups and small to medium sizes businesses wanting to hop on board with PLM.


It is also perfect for larger companies that are going through their own digital transformation, or hopping PLM ships.


Whether small, medium, or large, a startup, or established, Bombyx Basyx is the perfect solution for brands and manufacturers. We offer a less is more visual in terms of simple interfaces and ease of use, and when it comes to more is more we deliver ever growing feature listings and add-on packs that make product development a breeze.

Our Vision Statement

To make the complexities of every product's lifecycle simple.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the product design industry with a stable work flow structure that unleashes the potential of everyone and adds to their professional and personal growth.


We encourage creativity and innovation to improve the effectiveness of the industry by removing and reducing the parts that employees didn’t sign up for when training for their profession.


We want to eliminate the stress of keeping on top of SKU counts, with endless amounts of admin piling onto an already heavy workload.


We’re on a mission to help this industry sleep at night, and live a full life in and out of their work.


Above all, we want the design and manufacturing industries to love what they do, injecting their passion into their products, and being a lead character in the story of their brands.